My Winning Speech

I longed for victories to climb the stage,

Was disheartened when I failed,

Win and loose are part of the plan,

Victory laid in the moment I praised.

I thanked the day that dreamt of exploring the shores,

Even though there were no modes.

I thanked that hopeful heart,

That never gave up and silently pursued the path.

Deep Determination created the ways,

Mind and body in sync through the days.

It took a foreign land and those friends I met,

To recognise the splendour I had.

Grateful to those futile encounters, to whom I bestowed my time and vigour

As for them I gained the prudence to transform my style and manner

I thank that successful common individual,

Who made it easier to believe that impossible is, in fact possible.

I am grateful to the imperfections of life,

That make winning so vibrant and alive.

The quest to be happy was discerned,

When there were days full of concerns

If there was no embarrassment and failure,

How could have I unearthed the spirit of challenge and, persevere.

The key to happiness was discovered,

Only once the courage to ‘hit & trial’ was uncovered.

Advance and forge ahead is the motto

Winning is contagious and a lifetime tatto!

Winning is contagious ✌🏽✌🏻✌🏿

Kyu na ek poem Hindi me ho jaye

Machal rahi thi ye ungliya kuch acha likhne ko,
Jaise hi likhne baithi, expression hi tha ek dum gol.
Bohot socha, bohot vichar kiya,
Vicharo ki to thi nahi kami, to problem thi kya yaar?
Bachpan se hi convent school me padne ka jo tha gubar,
Shock lag gaya jab English me poem na nikal payi, right expression ke saath.
Finally baat ayi samajh me,
Jab emotional hoti hu Hindi me, to English me poem kaise aye.
To kyu na ek poem Hindi me ho jaye!

Shayad nahi apayegi wo Bachchan wali baat,
To kyu machao faltu me utpaat.
Phir socha, jab diya Bhagwaan ne aisa parivaar,
jaha shudh Hindi me hi hota tha vyavhaar Na hi chora koi Maha Kavya, Tagore, Prem Chand, Nirala pad daale Maa ne saare,
Phir to, ek try banta hai na yaar!
To kyu na ek poem Hindi me ho jaye!

Lekin shudh Hindi me bhi likhne ke kam the asaar,
School me Hindi pe kaha diya tha itna dhyan.
Hindi English kam thi, jo add kar li Urdu, Sanskrit aur German bhi course me,
Badane ke liye apni bhashao ka gyan.
Phir bhi kyu na ek poem Hindi me ho jaye!

College me thi tabse tha ek sawaal,
Kyu di jaati hai English bolne wale ki sabse zada misaal.
Lekin ye baate sab thi bekaar,
Hum logo ke mann ka tha sirf ek vikaar,
Agar sahi expression hai lane,
To kuch nahi upar apni mother tounge ke aage.
Kyu na ek poem Hindi me ho jaye!

Kaise bhi thoughts ko to logo tak pohochau,
Tarika aya ek samajh me, kyu na mai Hindustani ko apnau.
Pada tha kahi, ki dilli wale bol sakte hai sirf Hindustani,
Hai ye mixture Urdu, Hindi, Punjabi aur English ka hi.
To kyu na ek poem Hindustani me hi ho jaye!

Stay Connected

When trying to explore reasons of this fresh encouragement to express, I could pin down many but at the core of it was the determination to contribute in anyway and be appreciative of opportunities around that we may sometimes take for granted and ignore. Looking back through my life journey, many situations in the past could have been handled differently but then I followed the best course of action I could have in that moment of wisdom. Thinking now, the wisdom in hand if was accompanied with some good guidance could have helped achieving better outcomes. But the question is whether I was open enough to ask for it!

So, the most important change that I brought in myself was identifying the need to reach out to people and speak up when in need of guidance in career or in life. Identification of the need itself was like half battle won I guess, and this came about when I connected with people, accepted the need to do things differently, became honest and accepting to my own aspirations and ambitions. 

Imagine someone saying to you “show the world who you are” and it may just boost you up to surmount all obstacles coming your way.